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My Virgin Media

Telecommunications app 

Leading telecommunications provider Virgin Media Ireland offered a diverse range of services, including high-speed broadband, digital TV, mobile, and home phone. However, their existing app remained underutilised, with many customers finding it confusing and lacking essential features for everyday tasks and foster sustained engagement.


With competitors offering seamless and engaging mobile experiences, Virgin Media Ireland was in need to develop a modern, customer-centric mobile solution.

My role

As a key member of the UX design team, I played a pivotal role in understanding user needs and crafting a user-centred experience for Virgin Media Ireland's new mobile app, addressing critical engagement gaps and aligning with competitive best practices.


Collaborating closely with two UI designers and two other UX designers, I leveraged my expertise in conducting in-depth user research through 12 stakeholder interviews, user observations, and competitor analysis, identified user pain points and presented key findings. I also contributed to 2 collaborative client workshops, facilitating discussions and aligning stakeholders on user-centric goals. Led the development of several journeys wireframes, ensuring intuitive navigation and efficient task completion.

Due to confidentiality, a portion of this project requires a password. I'm happy to share access upon request - simply reach out (at and I'll provide the password.

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